Small cocks are for little men!

Watch as these men show each other how to fuck like a man and suck like a vacuum! – A wet vacuum!

In this hardcore gallery one of the guys looks like he has sunburn, but that does not stop him from fucking a guy. I picked this gallery because I love the 6-packs these guys have. I just need to workout a bit more and I will look buff too! But not too much muscle, I feel like these guys have just the right about.

Watch them throw each other around!

analfuck.jpg   cocksucking.jpg

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5 Responses
  1. Dave says:

    Both men look good wish we could see the face of the guy who’s sunburned.

  2. SexyMan says:


    You can view the guys photo if you click the picture above. In the sample video I saw the guy. I think he is pretty hot. I guess he was in the sun too long.

  3. wild-card says:

    ummm..dats looks like sum good dick wish i had him

  4. Diomedes says:

    This is how sites like this should provide sample videos. HFHC usually gives a quick-cut blink-and-you-missed-it trailer. This is the first time I have seen them advertise this way (with longer, multiple clips) and the first time I have considered it! Looks like a hot vid!

  5. arthur says:

    Hhmm!!!! too small dick into a big mouth i like that!!!

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