Bareback is now at Broke Straight Boys

Hey everyone,

I would like to announce that Broke Straight Boys is now showing bareback porn in their scenes. I find it very hot, they take all testing seriously with each model and according to their statement they will always take the most strict test with their models.

Hardcore fuck of Johnny Forza & Lucas Weston

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test BSB link

Test link  Here is the link

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His First Gay Sex is still here!

I was searching around for porn today and I could not believe the website: His First Gay Sex is still around. If you don’t remember this site or were born in the 90′s this site started around 1999, in the web, that’s freakin old!

Its gone under a cool redesign, still, amateur guys, str8, off the street, but ready to suck some cock type guys.
If you haven’t see this site in a while, take a look:

Visit His First Gay Sex

Or View the entire gallery

Guys are in your area and ready for you

We have some guys ready for you to watch them or tell them what you want them to do. Its completely free to setup your account and watch them, but in private you can tell them what to do and they show everything.

For a free sample at Flirt4Free take a look:

Live Guys on Webcam

College Guys Free Photos & Gallery

View the new guys at College Dudes, these boys know what it takes to get the girls, but can they bend over for their BFFs?

View the FREE Photo Gallery Here

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College Boy Physicals new and improved

I want to be the first to announce that the members area of College Boy Physicals is under going a new redesign soon. Set to be completed in middle June. It will offer streaming options as well as higher quality videos all in MP4 and WMV formats. Higher quality photos to come as well for all new sets.

For a first look login to College Boy Physicals soon!

Spencer Todd gets a dildo in his ass

Spencer is a new straight boy at Broke Straight Boys. He is known for being “Big Red” because of his huge cock, and as you can see he is a red head. When he was first introduced at BSB, members didnt care for his attitude. Coming off as a straight prick homophobe. But soon, as BSB showed that’s not really who he is and don’t judge a man by his first appearance. Everyone soon saw what a great person he is with his new episodes at Broke Straight Boys.

See all of Spencer Todd at BSB for only 1 dollar!

Spencer Todd (Big Red) at Broke Str8 Boys

Angel Rock fucks Tom Faulk

I am a huge Angel Rock fan, to his perfect smile to his ass to his feet. He really knows how to work himself personally. Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot he had at College Dudes with Tom Faulk. They have a certain click with each other.

Tom Faulk and Angel Rock at College Dudes

View the Entire Video at College Dudes

Blake is the new guy and is a Straight Boy

His name is Blake:

What does everyone think about this new guy? He just was added to the login area today, his name is Blake and he was added on March 21st to the Broke Straight Boys Members area. Personally I like him, he has got some hair on him, instead of always being hairless like most of the guys on sites these days. I love his little hair on his face he has going on too.

I hope we see more of him.

Check him out at Broke Straight Boys

Bonus Boy Sites offering Straight Boys

The password bonus site called “Bonus Boy Sites” offers some great websites all at 1 price and 1 login.

Today they wanted to show a video from the site Straight Boys Jerk Off

Sabbath and Tristan

Marshall and Zaden

Bonus Boy Sites – 1 Price 5 awesome sites:

Broke Straight Boys

College Boy Physicals

Straight Boys Jerk Off

HS Boys

Amateur Boys First Time

Boy Gusher – Guys getting jerked off

This is a true niche site, if you enjoy guys getting jerked off by a stranger, this is the site for you. Guys come into the studio only to be surprised by a special hand who jerks them off on camera… Usually for the first time.

Mr Ham jerking this guys off too:

In this update we have Tony Hart in the house. Tony is twenty years old and he is straight. He plays college ball so his body is in really great condition.


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Sean Summers from College Dudes

If you haven’t been to College Dudes in a while, its worth checking out again. Most of the guys are new and straight, but they dont mention that in any of the model descriptions. I suppose I am a sucker for straight guys, so this one is always on my bookmarks.

Intro into Sean Summers:

Sean Summers is a 23 year old hottie with a heart of gold and a libido to match. Sean immediately won us over with his smooth talk and sexy body – this kid rides bulls for fun, so you know he is a thrill seeker! Sean takes off his clothes to show off his perfect abs and sexy butt, and within a few more minutes he is rock hard and stroking his cock. Sean loves to feel his dick, and he loves playing with the head especially.

See More of Sean Here

Kodi and Clayton, Straight Boys I love!

This is an awesome episode in the members area. I was able to get a sneak peek and have a video to show you.

Kodi is my new favorite! View the Entire Episode by clicking here.

In today’s update:

Two hot boys, Kodi and Clayton, are in the studio today. Clayton is going to get his ass thoroughly fucked by Kodi. Last time he was here, Kodi used the dosh he earned to buy himself a scooter, however, he had an accident on it and as such, he needs some more cash in order to repair it. Clayton, on the other hand, is just happy to have the chance to get some easy cash. The two boys stripped off their clothes, dumping them on the floor. Clayton turned around and flashed his bare ass to the camera, Kodi giving him a couple of good slaps to one cheek. Clayton and Kodi hopped up on the bed, sitting next to each other as they lubed up their semi hard dicks. Putting in some wrist action, they worked on getting their dicks hard.

Check out Kodi and his friends at BSB

College Dudes – Jerry Ford and Patrick Hand

Hey everyone,

To close our the 2011 year I wanted to post a new scene from one of my favorites sites: College Dudes.

Jerry Ford and Patrick Hand together are fucking hot! Jerry Ford is one of the best tops around, and Patrick Hand really proves himself by taking a terrific deep pounding from one of CollegeDudes best. After making out and trading blowjobs, Jerry turns Patrick upside down and goes nuts on Patricks hot pink asshole with his tongue.

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment:

View the Entire Video at College Dudes

Gay Sex Orgy – Free Video Post

AEBN, the largest video on demand (VOD) service in the world… Enjoy this video everyone, you have to click on the image in the video to play. Let us know your comments on more like it…

Brand NEW Site: Gay Revenge

A new site has been releashed today, its called Gay Revenge…. Guys humilated with other guys in public or on college dorms, crazy shit where anything goes and its all recorded on camera. Some of it self shot in POV action. We have a couple samples below…

Click Here: First Preview Movie Gallery
Click Here: Second Preview Movie Gallery

Check out the full movies we have at Gay Revenge

Fuck! Check out this large dick on this straight guy!

Hot Pool scene of guys jacking each other off.

Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy, Rocco and Slink

Your Favorite Boy Jimmy is here from Broke Straight Boys!

My friend Rocco got ahold of me (Clay – BSB Photographer) and begged me for some cash. Rocco has some boundaries, but it is pretty easy to get him to fuck around with another guy if the price is right. Fortunately, Jimmy had been pretty impressed with easy money, too, and Jimmy was hitting me up for some dough as well. I thought it would be fun to see how far we could get Jimmy to go, and I gave him some incentive by telling him I would let him jerk off again, but it had to be with a new guy.

Rocco and I asked Jimmy to go find the new guy himself. Since Jimmy is desperate for cash I figured he would be able to spot another desperate boy quick. It didn’t take long for Jimmy to find someone; a young guy named Slink that he found at a bus stop nearby. So once these three were in the room, I made sure to get their shirts off quickly, asked them to do some flexes and then had them get down to their underwear. There is something really hot about three straight guys in their underwear sitting down on the couch nervous as fuck about what is coming next… See what happens.

A FREE Preview:

See more at Broke Straight Boys today!

Black Friday Almost Here, Dont Miss JUB!

Black Friday is almost here and the guys at are able to offer some incredible deals!

I got word of College Dudes for 30 days FREE with a $24.87 Membership to Broke Straight Boys. Be sure to check it out at: link no longer valid they are valid Friday through next Monday.

Link expired. Check back next year!

HazeHim is back, new exclusive boys pranked

I have scoped around and honestly I can not find a hazing site that does it better than this one. If you remember what it was like in college from years ago, its a bit different now, at some of these fraternity they go beyond the limits as though their are none.

Check out the latest from the site called: HazeHim – the  only real fraternity hazing site!

What is a fraternity you ask?

From WikiPedia:

Fraternities and sororities (from the Latin words frater and soror, meaning “brother” and “sister” respectively) are fraternal social organizations for undergraduate students. In Latin, the term refers mainly to such organizations at colleges and universities in North America, although it is also applied to analogous European groups also known as corporations. Similar, but less common, organizations also exist for secondary school students. In modern usage, the term “Greek letter organization” is often synonymous with the terms “fraternity” and “sorority”.

Taz is Back from Broke Straight Boys

I thought it was time to see Taz again, if you don’t remember him, he is from the site Broke Straight Boys. One of my favorite guys, so i thought I would shed some light on him above. :)

You can see him in the following at BSB, just use the search function to find him when you are a member. (In order below of my top fav)

Taz & Jona Orgy – January 6th, 2007
Taz & Sean – August 16th, 2006
Taz & Shane – July 22nd, 2006

See more of Taz and his friends